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About DSI

DATA SCIENCE AND INFORMETRICS (DSI) is sponsored by Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU), China Association for Science of Science and S&T Policy (CASSSP) and the Institute of Internet Industry at Tsinghua University. This journal is a high-level, international peer review journal in the field of data science and informetrics jointly undertaken by the Academy of Data Science and Informetrics, the Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation and the School of Computer Science at HDU. It is also the association journal of the China Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics.

While based in China, the objective of DSI is to embrace an international vision of data science and informetrics, to innovate and develop the theories, methods and technologies of data and informetrics, and to explore data-driven interdisciplinary development research in data science and informetrics. Its contents include the theories, methods and technologies of data science, the development of the metrics, the data management based on academic data, government data and enterprise data, data mining and big data analysis, data visualization and new theories, methods and techniques in the field of metrics.

DSI adheres to academic standards, anonymous peer review, highlights the spirit of originality, aligns with its world-class academic counterparts, and strives to become a platform for experts and scholars in the field of data science and informetrics.

DSI is published 4 issues a year, and open to public solicitation and distribution at home and abroad.

Online ISSN: 2694-6106

Print ISSN: 2694-6114

CEP: 941B0083